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[摘要] 1.动词+ away构成的短语动词有:throw away扔掉 put away把……




1.(2017·江苏卷·单项填空)working with the medical team in africa has ____________ the best in her as a doctor.

a. held out b. brought out

c. picked out d. given out


【答案解析】考查短语辨析。hold out坚持;提供机会;伸出手; b. bring out使显现,阐明,出版;c. pick out使容易看见,找出精心挑选,认出来;d. give out用完,停止运行,分发,发出,公布。句意:在非洲同医疗队一起工作已经使她表现出了最好的一面。这里取"使显现"之意,故选b。

2.(2017·天津卷·单项填空)mr and mrs brown would like to see their daughter ________, get married, and have kids.

a. settle down b. keep off

c. get up d. cut in


【答案解析】考查动词短语。根据“…get married, and have kids.”可知是安顿下来,然后结婚生子。settle down安顿下来,定居;keep off使避开,不接近;get up起床,站起来;cut in插嘴,打断别人说话。句意:布朗夫妇希望看到女儿安顿下来,结婚生子。



1.动词+ away构成的短语动词有:

throw away扔掉

put away把……收拾好

give away捐赠,分发

carry away运走

run away 潜逃,跑开

go away 走开

2.动词+ for构成的短语动词有:

answer for负责

provide for供给

all for要求

plan for打算,为……计划

hope for希望,期待

ask for索取,寻找

send for派人去请

go for努力获取

pay for偿还,赔偿


try on试穿,试验

put on穿上,上演

have on穿着,戴着

pull on穿,戴

hold on不挂断,坚持,继续

carry on继续开展,坚持

keep on继续

go on继续

get on上(车)


come over过来

hand over移交

go over仔细检查,复习

get over克服,恢复

look over检查

think over仔细考虑

take over接受,接管

hand over 移交

turn over翻转

5.动词+ up构成的短语动词有:

bring up抚育,培养

call up召唤,打电话给

come up走上前来,长出

cut up切碎

fix up修理

give up放弃

go up 上升,增长

grow up 长大

look up尊敬,向上看,查寻

make up虚构,弥补,组成

put up举起,搭建

set up建立,创(纪录)

pick up 捡起,(开车)接某人,偶然得到

send up发射

show up 揭露,露面

turn up出现,把……调高一点


come out出来

go out出去,熄灭

look out留神,当心

walk out走出

set out出发,开始

put out扑灭,生产

give out发出,发表

hand out分发

pick out挑选

find out找出,发现

speak out大声地说

turn out生产,结果是

get out出去,离开

carry out实行,执行

work out计算出,解决,实行,行得通

bring out出版

start out 出发,动身。



bring in引进,挣得

bring about引起,导致

bring up养育,培养,呕吐,提出

bring out使展现,推出(书等)

bring down降低,使倒下

bring back把……带回来,使忆起

bring forth结果,生产,产生

bring forward提出,提前

bring off圆满完成(困难之事)


break down崩溃,瓦解,垮掉,失败,分解

break up打碎,分解,分开,结束,制止

break through逾越,突破,冲破

break away(from)挣脱,脱离

break out爆发

break in破门而入

break into进入建筑物以便行窃,突然发出,打扰

break off折断,中断


come about发生

come out结果出来,出版,开花

come across偶遇,被理解

come true变为现实

come up走上前,被提出,走近

come along一起来

come up with产生,发现(解决办法等)


give up放弃

give in屈服,呈交

give out 用尽,耗尽,分发,公布,发表

give off发出

give away颁发,赠送,送掉,捐赠


go against违背,与……不符,对……不利

go without勉强维持,凑合

go in for爱好,参加,从事

go by过去,依据,按照

go on继续,发生

go over复习,仔细审查,走近

go ahead 进行

go through 从头到尾地阅读,经历

go away走开,外出度假,消失

go for去取来或接来,争取得到


keep away(from)使远离

keep back 扣除,保留,隐瞒不讲

keep off 避开

keep on继续

keep out 挡在外边,请勿靠近

keep up保持,不低落,持续,继续

keep up with跟上

keep down抑制(以防其增长)


look ahead向前看

look about环顾

look back回忆,回顾

look out当心,找出

look up向上看,查阅,看望

look down upon看不起

look through翻阅

look into调查,向内看

look after照看,负责处理

look on旁观

look forward to盼望

look round寻找,边走边看,观光


put back放回原处,拨回,阻碍,推迟

put down平定,镇压,记下

put away将事物放置于惯常保存之处,储蓄

put forward提出(计划、建议),拨快,提前

put off延期

put on穿戴,上映

put out扑灭,生产

put up举起,张贴


take in吸收

take for 误认为

take out 拿出

take down 放下

take up从事,拿起,占据

take off 飞机起飞,脱下,休假,成功

take by攻占

take after像

take along 随身携带

take away带走,拿走,使离去

take back 收回,退回(所购商品)

take charge 负责,掌管

take on呈现,雇佣

take out拿出,带……出去

take over 接管,接任

1.(2016·浙江)when their children lived far away from them, these old people felt _________ from the world.

a. carried away

b. broken down

c. cut off

d. brought up

2. (2016·江苏)parents should actively urge their children to _________ the opportunity to join sports teams.

a. gain admission to

b. keep track of

c. take advantage of

d. give rise to

3. we tend to have a better memory for things that excite our senses or __________ our emotions more than for straight facts.

a. block off

b. appeal to

c. subscribe to

d. come across

4. (2016·天津) mary was silent during the early part of the discussion but finally she __________ her opinion on the subject.

a. gave voice to

b. kept an eye on

c. turned a deaf ear of

d. set foot on